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1. Will I get bored? Feel confined?
joggingHardly. Being at sea gives you a feeling of freedom few places can offer. There's plenty of room. And it will probably take you two or three days just to discover what's on board. Plus, you get the added adventure of exploring new and exciting ports of call.
Cruise ships are like floating resorts, with all the things fine resorts have to offer.
  • You can be by yourself and lie back on a lounge chair, breathe in the sea air, soak up the sun, read good books or watch the everchanging view.
  • You can join in exercise classes, dance classes, sports contests and other organized deck activities.
  • You can practice your tennis strokes, drive golf balls, shoot some skeet or basketballs.
  • You can go for a swim, stretch out in the sauna or work out in the gym.
  • You can take in a feature movie, listen to a lecture, or play backgammon or bridge.
  • And, that's just when you're onboard!
Cruises offer an incredible variety of choices, and you can do as much or as little as you like. You can enjoy:
  • round-the-clock dining options
  • dazzling night life
  • fun-filled activities and games
  • sports and fitness
  • casino gambling
  • educational workshops
  • children's programs
  • exotic ports of call
  • It's your choice, it's your vacation!
2. Do I have to participate in the activities?
On a cruise you do what you want to do. You can do everything. Or lie back and do absolutely nothing. It's your vacation.
3. How do I find out what's going on each day?
A schedule of on-board activities will be delivered to your cabin daily. When you are visiting a port, you will also receive information about key attractions.
4. How do I sign up for an optional shore excursion?
You will receive detailed descriptions of each excursion with your cruise documents. You can pick up a sign-up form at the Shore Excursions Desk on board. The most popular excursions often sell out, so make your selections quickly.
5. What's there to do in port?
So much, you'll have a hard time choosing!
  • You can go off on your own or take a guided tour.
  • You can search ancient ruins or for shopping bargains.
  • Ride a raft over river rapids
  • Ride a bicycle down the side of a 10,000 foot volcano
  • Ride a horse across miles of hills and beaches.
  • Climb a waterfall or pyramid.
  • See the birthplace of civilization or steel drum bands.
  • Follow the footsteps of history or the wake of a water-skiing boat.
  • Enjoy a folkloric show.
  • Play golf or tennis.
  • Eat native foods.
  • Learn how to windsurf.
  • Sun and swim at some of the world's best beaches.
  • Catch a record marlin.
  • Sail, snorkel or go scuba diving.
  • Go to a nightclub or glittering casino.
  • Take a cable car to the top of a mountain.
  • Explore catacombs.
  • See new places and do all the things you dream of.
6. Would our kids enjoy cruising?
  • If your children enjoy swimming, sports, games, movies and the adventure of seeing new and exotic places, they'll love cruising. You'll find that kids adapt to shipboard life with ease, yet you won't wonder where they are and what they're up to every minute, because the cruise staff will help keep them busy and entertained.
  • There are many activities that parents and kids can enjoy together. During school holidays, most cruise lines offer a wealth of supervised children's programs. With games, parties, crafts, sports, and much more, kids of all ages will have a ball!
  • Best of all, children generally travel at substantially reduced rates.
7. What's there to do at night?
At night, life aboard a cruise ship really turns on.
  • There's dancing, live entertainment in the night-clubs, discos and lounges.
  • Feature films.
  • Parties with all your new friends.
  • Most ships have casinos.
There are also many special events, like the
  • Captain's Cocktail Party
  • Passenger's Talent Night
  • Masquerade Parade
  • Midnight Buffet (just for one last bite to tide you over 'til breakfast).
  • The night can go on as long as you want.
  • The spectacle of sunrise at sea.
8. Is there a charge for the entertainment?
Never. On a cruise vacation, the entertainment is on the house. There's no cover. No minimum. No charge for an admission ticket. The shows are live. The movies are first-rate. The variety is limitless.
9. Are there any hidden extras?
Contact us for the details.

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